Products & Services

KitchenWhile we didn’t produce the kitchen to the right, we can provide cost effective wood components to make it possible. We have the highest quality with one of the lowest reject rates in the industry.


We can make virtually any species of wood components including:

Grecon CSCustom Edge & Face Glued Panels

Color Matched ~ To YOUR Specifications.

The glue we use in non-Hazardous, meets the LEED Program and also complies with the RoHS Directive.

Custom Chopping

With our  Grecon-Dimter Opticut®, we can chop your components with speed and exceptional accuracy.


Custom Ripping

Our two Mereen Johnson® fixed Arbor Gang Rip Saws offer ripping with high production, high yields and glue joint precision.

Finish SanderCustom Surfacing

Our Newman-Whitney S282® combined with our Acro-Sander® can produce high quality surfacing to your specifications, leaving either a knife-planed or an abrasive sanded finish.  We have the capability to produce over one million board feet per month, graded and held to a tolerance of +/- .010.

Double End Tenoner

Our newest addition, Jenkins 140 Double End Machining Center can make sure your component is exactly the dimensions you want.

Panel SawCustom Plywood

With our Scheer® PA4123 Panel Saw, we can cut our plywood to meet your needs.  And with our Holz-Her® Edge Bander, we can give your plywood that “finished” look you need.

Gan GripsCustom Grading

We have a NHLA certified grader on staff to ensure our product meets your specifications. 

Excellent Staff

Our experienced and courteous staff with over 60 years of lumber experience is always willing to go the extra mile for our customers.